artisan flooring

Recycled jatoba hardwood

This project reused about 2000 square feet of commercial Brazilian Cherry Jotoba hardwood flooring.  The wood was carefully removed from a commercial space and then re-installed, sanded, fill coated and then refinished in a custom home. The wood would have ended up in the land fill but in this case it was saved and will remain a center piece in the home for years to come.

yogurt shop:

This commercial space on Yonge Street had a cheap prefinished maple floor that was in rough shape.  After sanding down the floor and getting rid of the dents and micro bevels we started over.  The designer wanted a "Aqua Blue/Green" custom stain and supplied us only with a color chip from a laminate counter top.  We got a custom stain mixed and we think it's a pretty close match!


This client wanted the ceramic removed and new hardwood installed to match the existing hardwood in the living room.  After installing new oak the entire area was sanded and stained including the staircase and handrail.  

outdoor decks 

Everyone loves the look of a brand new deck.  Unfortunately after a few years of Canadian winters most decks look beat.  In most cases we can sand down existing Pressure Treated or Cedar decks to make them look new again.  It can be treated with a clear coat or penetrating stain in a multitude of colors.